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Ep. 5 - Bishop
January 19, 2020 01:42 PM PST
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This time-travelling mutant is one of the X-Men's 4th generation characters! What is his history? Who is he related to? What future did he come from? Which X-Man did he murder?

Listen and find out!

Ep. 6 - High Seas Mutants!
January 19, 2020 01:40 PM PST
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The Cosmic Library looks at a current story in Marvel's (X-Men) Marauders! Is this piratical team a fun reinvention, or an old theme park ride?

Plus, the latest comic book news!

Ep. 04 - The Mutant Massacre
January 08, 2020 10:05 PM PST
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The X-Perts first story review is a of the 1980's Mutant Massacre crossover. Does this event still matter? How is it any different from current event comics? Which characters were changed by the end? Listen and find out!

Ep. 05 - Justice of the Young!
January 08, 2020 10:03 PM PST
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The Library Stewards read the first issues of DC's Young Justice! Is this a reinvention like the West Coast Avengers? Does it tie in to the 1990's Young Justice? Is it a good addition to your library?

All of that plus the latest comic book news!

Ep. 04 - The New Valkyrie!
January 02, 2020 10:14 PM PST
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The librarians get together to discuss Marvel's 2019 Valkyrie! Is Jane Foster's new role a good fit or a slog? Is this a transcendent series?

All of that plus two weeks of comic book news!

Ep. 03 - Jubilee
January 02, 2020 10:08 PM PST
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We focus on one of the fandom's least loved X-Men. Should she get so much derision? Is she more than just the "sparkly" one? Is her placement in Excalibur a good one? We will look over her history and give our best opinions!

Ep. 02 - Angel/Archangel/Death, etc.
December 20, 2019 09:13 AM PST
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We do our first in depth look at the X-Men characters and start with Warren Worthington III! To say it was eye-opening is a profound understatement!

Ep. 03 - West Coast Avenging
December 20, 2019 09:10 AM PST
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The Cosmic Library reviews Marvel's 2018 West Coast Avengers! What type of tone do they set? Are these successors to the original team? Can they succeed in a city often abandoned by Marvel's heroes?

Plus, the latest comic book news!

Ep. 01 - Questions from the Dawn of X
December 13, 2019 10:24 PM PST
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Jeremy and Jesse have a lot of questions after the House of X and Powers of X mini-series. What lingering matters need to be resolved down the line? Listen to the first episode of this X-Men focused show!

Ep. 2 - Revisiting the White Knight
December 13, 2019 10:18 PM PST
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Jeremy and Jesse do a deep review of DC's Batman: White Knight 1-4! Does this alt-world tale hold up? What questions does it ask about Batman and Gotham?

Plus, the latest news of the week!

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